The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the heart of the African continent. A huge country (2.3 million square kilometers... half the size of the European Union!) with a boundless city as capital (with 17 million inhabitants, 5 times the size of Rome) and enormous wealth (coltan, uranium, diamonds...). 

Incomprehensibly it had fallen off the radar, even though people there continue to starve. 

On February 22, 2021, the murder of Ambassador Luca Attanasio, Vittorio Iacovacci and Mustapha Milambo, tragically rekindled the light on the large number of cooperators, missionaries and volunteers who are deeply appreciated abroad for witnessing a courageous solidarity to a heroic degree.

Missioni Don Bosco Valdocco Onlus and the Pontifical Foundation Gravissimum Educationis have been present for years in Congo with their projects.