In Kikwit, Congo, we collaborate with the Italian Association S.F.E.R.A. 

Together we are building the House of Peace, an educational and human promotion center. We are experimenting with a new model, a system centered on education: all sectors (educational, social, health, economic, agricultural, etc.) are united by an integral educational approach.
The House of Peace is halfway through its construction:
  • Pre-School and the elementary school have been open since September 2018, with over one hundred students enrolled.
  • the agricultural activity is already bearing fruit.
  • a small medical clinic is up and running.
  • fences and multi-purpose buildings have been built.
We are in the process of completing:
  • The Vocational Training Center, which will host tailoring courses. Where we will apply the traditional cotton processing technique. This trade will once again become a source of dignity, family stability and social justice.
  • the guests’ quarters, which will house the volunteers who will come to the House of Peace (doctors, teachers, artisans and young students).
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