The Don Bosco missionaries, present in the Kinshasa area since 1988, have founded their works in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of the capital. Now, they are particularly in need of carrying out some significant interventions aimed at improving one of the mission's Vocational Centers -educational facilities especially for vulnerable children and those who are too poor to have access to education- in the awareness that young people are the present and the future of Congo.

The Professional Center of MASINA is in a suburban area of the district, the most populated in Kinshasa. It has 12 classrooms and offers training courses of two or three years in: carpentry (3 years), welding and mechanics (3 years), construction (2 years) and pastry (2 years). Alongside these formal courses, it also offers modular training courses in culinary arts and renewable energy -six to nine months courses, that foresee one or two months of hands-on training.
The youngsters attending the courses generally come from extremely poor families of the neighborhood and/or surrounding areas. Very often they are street kids who did not have the opportunity to get an academic education and want to learn a trade to prepare for their future lives.
The center currently houses 224 students: 22 girls and 202 boys, between 12 and 18 years old.
Today, the center needs to buy:
- 100 new two-seater student desks

- teaching material necessary to provide each student with the toolkit needed for learning the profession
- raw materials to carry out laboratory activities and hands-on experiments.
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